COVID-19 update

The Outreach Centre home of Women’s Outreach and Suicide Informaton & Education Services remains available for support, those requiring assistance please call 403 342-4966 Monday-Friday 9am-3pm. If you are in immediate crisis please the 24 hr Mental Health Helpline at 1-877-303-2642.

In an effort to reduce transmission of COVID-19 our building is not available to the general public.

Please check out our online courses, additional courses will become available in the very near future.


The Whole Employee Series

Increasing the Bottom Line with Whole Employee Health

An employee-at-risk program designed to increase a business’ or organization’s bottom line with balanced employee health. Our target audience is employees, managers and supervisors connected to the trades, oilfield, agriculture, industrial, education, retail, service and corporate sectors.

The Whole Employee Series

How Does Your Workplace Measure Up?

Yes, your employees are adults and should conduct themselves in a responsible way but the reality is that 1 in 5 Canadians will have a mental illness this year 1. and 500,000 Canadians will miss work this week due to mental health issues or illness 2. If you want your business to be a stand out and resilient in tough times this is the place to start.

Two factors influence an employees health:

  1. What they experience at work.
  2. What they bring with them to work.

The Whole Employee Series

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Many things at all times of the year can contribute to feeling stressed however, during the holidays many of these factors collide together all at once. Financial worry about buying the biggest and best things to prove that Santa really does love your Timmy best. Relationship do’s, don’ts and oopsies. (Did you really buy her an iron?) Workplace expectations, deadlines and the highly anticipated Christmas Party. Throw in some glitter stuck to everything and the never ending strum of Christmas carols and the holiday season can be a time that even the seemingly most balanced person is looking to go to sleep until the new year. In this issue we will look at how to meet the extra challenges of the holiday season while ensuring that you stay healthy physically and mentally and are able to enjoy the festivities.

Workplace Sessions

Suicide Information and Education Services is pleased to offer a variety of professional development sessions and workshops for employers, managers and employees from all industry and business sectors. Focus of all sessions is the application of practical strategies, tips and tools that can be adapted to the participant’s environment. All topics can be customized and length is determined by the needs of the audience. There is a facilitation fee and follow-up outreach services are included.

Suicide Info

What To Do To Help

  • Always take any indication of suicidal feelings seriously, no matter how casually they may be conveyed.
  • Ask them about their feelings
  • Specifically ask if they are feeling suicidal
  • Don’t judge them and tell them what they should/shouldn’t do.
  • Allow them to open up to you and share their feelings knowing that you are understanding what they are going through (even if you don’t completely or don’t agree with how they feel).
  • In a private place, let them express the pain that they have been suppressing inside of them.


7 Healthy Habits for Positive Mental Health

Kinds of Stress:

  • Healthy Stress: helps us deal with unique positive situations, feels like a “rush” (ie, sports, getting married, having a baby, going on a holiday, etc..)
  • Unhealthy Stress: causes negative feelings and reactions.

Stress is universal, however people’s stressors and reactions are individual.