COVID-19 update

The Outreach Centre home of Women’s Outreach and Suicide Informaton & Education Services remains available for support, those requiring assistance please call 403 342-4966 Monday-Friday 9am-3pm. If you are in immediate crisis please the 24 hr Mental Health Helpline at 1-877-303-2642.

In an effort to reduce transmission of COVID-19 our building is not available to the general public.

Please check out our online courses, additional courses will become available in the very near future.

Online Courses

Suicide 101 Course

Suicide 101 is an online course intended to increase awareness of suicide and mental health. The learner is introduced to the language suicide, myth around suicide and mental mental health, current statistics, and more. The course’s purpose is to empower people to talk about suicide, decrease stigma, and
educate about prevention. It is intended for any person who works with other people, in mental health, or would like increase their awareness of suicide.

Mental Wellness Basics

This course is an entry level course intended for those who are working in the mental health field or who would like to work in mental health services. Overall goal of this course, is to increase personal awareness about mental wellness and what steps are necessary to maintain it. Positive mental wellness is the ability to cope with stressors, maintain productivity and make a contribution to our communities. Everyone, at some point in their lives though may feel that their mental wellness is not as healthy as they would like or need it to be. In this course, the learner will explore the basic building blocks of mental wellness. Practical strategies that can easily be incorporated into a person’s lifestyle as new habits and encouraged as a new norm.