Our Upcoming Events

Is the Grief Recovery Method for you?

Free Public Information Session about the Grief Recovery Method® from 7-8:30pm at the Outreach Centre 4101-54 Ave.
  • Grief Recovery Method® Support Group Oct. 17 – Dec. 5 6-8pm
  • Grief Recovery Method® Support Group Oct. 18 – Dec. 6 1-3pm
  • Living Beyond Suicide Loss Support Group Sept. 28 – Dec. 21 (not mtg. Oct. 12)
  • Empower 2 Sept. 14/15

Other Events

  • Sept. 26 The Grief Recovery Method® Information Session | This free session is for anyone who is wondering if the Grief Recovery Method® is right for them. 7:00-8:30pm
  • Sept. 28 Living Beyond Suicide Loss Support Group | This free 12 week group is for anyone who has lost someone to suicide
  • Oct. 17 or Oct. 18 | The Grief Recovery Method® is an 8 week small group for anyone wanting to complete the pain associated with a loss. Death, divorce, health, hopes, dreams and expectations are just a few examples of losses we experience. A commitment to attend all sessions and complete assigned homework and reading is expected. Cost is $295 which some benefit plans may cover
  • Nov. 15 Survivors of Suicide Day Event | all those impacted by suicide (who have participated in our programs or not) are invited to join us from 4pm – 7pm to honour those lost to suicide. Details to follow. Free but please RSVP
  • December 16 | 23rd Annual Decadent Dessert Night at the Red Deer Rebels Games